Youth Homelessness

It is estimated that on any given night up to 10,000 West Australians go to sleep homeless. A staggering 42% of these people are under the age of 25. Not everyone experiencing homelessness is sleeping rough on the streets though; many are couch surfing with friends, staying in crisis accommodation, or living in their cars. This makes it difficult to accurately count how many young people are actually experiencing homelessness.

People experience homelessness for a variety of reasons. Contrary to popular belief, most young people don’t find themselves homeless because they didn’t want to obey their parent’s rules. In our experience, it is rare that a young person is where they are now due solely to their own choices. In fact, 70% of young people leave the family home to escape violence, abuse or family breakdown.


How We Help

At Youth Futures we believe that every young person has a right to safe, secure accommodation, and that an experience of homelessness shouldn’t define a person or their future. Guided by this belief, we provide a variety of accommodation and support services that will help young people experiencing homelessness create a brighter future.

  • TINOCA – Crisis accommodation (short term)
  • TAP – Transitional accommodation (medium-long term)
  • The NEST – Accommodation and outreach support for teenage parents (medium- long term)
  • Housing Support Workers – for young people exiting Corrective Services or specialist homelessness services
  • Youth Place– Accommodation and support for young people in the Fremantle area