After revealing to her family that she was transgender, Talia was asked to leave home. So she made her way from the country to Perth where she was referred to our crisis accommodation hostel TINOCA.

“When I first arrived at the house I was as nervous as anyone would expect having never lived in crisis or shared accommodation. The main reason for my nervousness was my current state in the transition of becoming that of a girl. My worrying as it turned out was pointless because as soon as I was welcomed into the office I was treated with respect.

Over the months while being a resident in the house I have been provided with shelter and food (I could hope for nothing more), but also emotional support and friendships with the workers for which I am extremely grateful.

The workers at the house I have to say were far better than I ever would have thought or expected, and I take my hat off to them for being able to deal with 6 youths in the house at one time. I am extremely thankful for the way they have been with me in particular.

The help from my case manager has been worth its weight in gold and I could never repay what I have had help with. I have learnt valuable skills since my stay at TINOCA and with the connections I have formed with the help of the staff I will be able to continue living out of home and off the streets”.